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In April 2022 the Portuguese producer St. James Park (Tiago Sampaio), Dutch pianist Daniël Tomàs (Daniël vd Duim) and Dutch/German vocalist Eliën (Élénie Wagner) met during a residency at showcase festival Westway Lab in Guimarães Portugal.

Matched by the festival’s artistic team, the three musicians went into an intensive seven-day collaboration and created new material for a showcase during the opening of Westway Lab 2022. Due to the great success during their show, the band decided to continue and form a band. X IT was born. Since then, the trio wrote its first EP and worked on their upcoming record titled ‘MNTNY’. In April the band played their first show as part of the official city showcases of Westway Lab 2023. In October they were already invited to play a main-show as part of Pro Weekend Fest in Spain, followed by an invitation from Poland’s largest pop venue ‘Club Stodola’ in spring 2024 and a showcase at Future Echoes Festival in Sweden. X IT is globetrotting the planet with their music and eager to fight the monotony of today’s music industry.

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