Roots Creation


Roots Creation was founded in 2004 by a couple of teenagers who had a passion for reggae music and wanted to create and play it live. Since then they have beenĀ at it with mind and body, and the band has grown a lot -in music and in spirit. All members are different in culture and background, but in their own way are an irreplaceable contribute to the overall sound.

Their songs all have an own sound and feel, with influences from different genres like jazz, blues, soul, funk, etc., but roots reggae is the main drive of the band. Performing their music live on stage is what they do best and love to do the most. The last few years Roots Creation has been working with heart & soul on the music and live-gigs, and they have supported acts like Third World and The Toasters.

They are currently working on their first album, which they expect to finish spring 2013, and hope to make a lot more after that. So the coming years the reggae lover can expect songs with lyrics from the heart about peace, love, unity and the wrongs & rights in life, accompanied by timeless reggae music.