After 30 years JASON GWEN finally comes out as a triple threat. Half of his life he has been mastering the craft of acting and contemporary dance. And now music will get all the attention. 2 years ago, he debuted in one weekend at the Milkshake Festival and Paradiso. Since then, he has played at iconic stages in the likes of Pride Amsterdam /Mainstage Dam Square, Amsterdam Central Station, Amsterdam Museum, Adam Tower and the Uitmarkt. Embraced by the queer community, Jason is embarking on breaking into the mainstream this season with his universal rap over techno and high energy shows. His latest record PEOPLE OF THE FUTURE can be streamed on all digital music platforms. Currently he can also be seen in a recurring role in the Dutch/Belgian tv-series GRENSLANDERS, airing on AvroTros in NL and EEN in BE -and in December he will be opening his debut pop-up store in Arnhem. Selling CHANGE. #theCHARMELEON www.JASONgwen.com www.instagram.com/jasongwen.CUM